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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

House Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now the tour you've all been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!

An over view of the land!!!
Some mountains of the path!!!!!!!!!

A Greek temple.

On the left hand side a place for a pool party. With a lovely garden!

In the temple a pool(you can't go in it) with a palm tree!!

A nice view of the other side of the house!!!!

The Greek gazebo with a bench

A sighting of a river with a small house and its big mail box!!!!!!

The little cave like shape behind the river!!!!!!!!!!

The teleportor to the house!!! And to the right the ramp up to the house!!

Up the ramp is the way I came and it leads you here!!!!!

If you walk up the rainbow you get on the clouds. Where's my pot of gold!!!!!!

In the door to the balcony!

Down the stairs!

To the master bedroom!

And to the burial camber of a krok!

The reading room!

The main entrance and party room!!

The random room!!!

And last but not least the little island on the side of the house!
That's all if you have any comments or advice


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